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Principle Engineer/Architect

Job description

Visa: USC/GC only due to legal or gov. contract req Tax Term: W2/C2C/Own Corp Intevriew Process: 30 min intro call + 1 hour live coding. He needs to be an excellent communication and be able to come in and white board with the team on the architect level. This person needs to be local to Houston and be able to go into the office 2-3 days a week when needed. Requirements: 5+ years’ experience using C# Excellent analytical, problem solving, and debugging skills Must understand the need for and be willing to develop unit and integration tests. Solid understanding of the software development process and experience working on agile teams Intimate familiarity with Microsoft .Net Framework and Windows application development, prefer experience with Microsoft Visual Studio and Windows technology stacks. High level understanding of basic programming patterns. Experience using JSON, Web API, and in-app hosting development Software engineering experience in object-oriented design and applying loosely coupled distributed design patterns to create mid-to-large size applications. Ability to apply Domain Driven Design in development. Desired Qualifications: Experience with using a NoSQL database Some experience with Angular 2+ Experience with microservices Experience with task and event based programming Experience with multi-threading Experience with Message Queuing Strong math background, numerical analysis, statistics, etc… Experience programming real-time systems or data gathering systems Oil and Gas experience including drilling or geological related applications development

Job description

Salary: USD/95/Hourly/C2C








August 23, 2026

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