QA Automation Architect

QA Automation Architect

  • 6 Month
  • 70 - 75
  • 1532Days Ago
  • Skype

Job Description

Specific Services Required:


In the role of the QA Automation Architect, the following services are required:

  • Design and development of the core technology and architecture for automated testing of large scale distributed systems, midrange to client server and n tier e commerce applications and solutions.
  • Provide specifications to automate the testing of applications. 
  • Work on all test automation components of solution and create/maintain required technical documentation.
  • Assist in the preparation of Quality Assurance planning
  • Create end to end test cases
  • Assist in all testing processes involving the migration and integration of new and legacy technologies.
  • Assists in the development of testing blueprints, testing patterns, templates for best in class software testing and to ensure high levels of software performance.
  • Excellent communication, presentation, collaboration, and interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver business and technical value.
  • Must be very organized, pro-active and self-directed. Must be able to perform with minimal supervision.
  • Must have very strong abstract thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Must have very good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Work with the Quality Assurance Manager to establish goals and release quality while meeting requirements of projects.
  • Work with management to supply input for key test automation decisions, as well as work estimation and resource planning.
  • Provide guidance and training to team members.
  • Assures the complementary synthesis of all standards, models, designs and methodologies recommended by the Enterprise Architects.
  • Takes proactive escalation of system problems or design flaws to upper management before serious impact on ROI.
  • Coordinates with the other architects on issues dealing with the quality flaws of the existing standards, especially security and performance issues.
  • Makes sure the software and system testing frameworks are in synchronization.
  • Recommends and helps implement test process improvements, policies, and best practice.
  • Provide input as needed to issues like tool and environment selection.
  • Interface with the user(s) and sponsor(s) and all other stakeholders in order to determine their (evolving) needs.
  • Make sure that the architecture is not only the right one for operations, but also for deployment and sustainment.
  • Manages risk identification and risk mitigation strategies associated with the architecture
  • Automate end to end test cases and execute end to end test cases
  • Leverage continuous integration testing.
  • Reviews and assists in defining the QA and UAT Testing Environments Configuration.
  • Reviews all system requirements, test scripts, test scenarios in order to create appropriate testing workflow. Ensures that this set of high level requirements is consistent, complete, correct, and operationally defined.
  • Reviews software components and collaborates with development group, Product Owners, System Teams, and Operations to ensure best overall testing strategies, best practices and techniques for automated testing.
  • Responsible for creating automated test case scenarios from Agile Delivery Team Artifact to meet Acceptance Criteria
  • Develops automated test harnesses, frameworks, to support automation of tests at both the unit and system levels.
  • Develops automated testing strategies, tools, and libraries for automated unit testing, automated functional testing, automated user experience testing, automated regression testing, automated load testing.
  • Interfaces with the design and implementation teams, so that any problems arising during QA can be resolved in accordance with the fundamental design concepts, and user needs and constraints.
  • Ensures that a maximally robust testing framework is developed.
  • Collaborates on a set of acceptance test requirements, together with the project teams, and the user, which determine that all of the high level requirements have been met, especially for the computer-human-interface.
  • Generates products such as unit tests, automated functional tests, regression tests, load tests, code coverage reports, and test scenario % pass/fail, ADA/508c/AWGA compliance, Cross Browser Compatibility, Mobile Compatibility.
  • Ensures that all testing libraries and artifacts are maintained in the most current state and never allowed to become obsolete.
  • Responsible for creating automated test case scenarios for Agile Delivery Team to meet Acceptance Criteria
  • Guide the System Team QA Automation team in the stitching of test case scenarios developed by the SCRUM teams on the Agile Release Train.
  • Provide developer(s) with QA process support in order to demonstrate the business value to the Product Owner at the System Team level.
  • Execute automated and regression test cases, during the System Team Demonstration of the final code to the Product Owner according to the define Acceptance Criteria and the DoD to leverage continuous integration testing
  • Obtain & analyze the regression test cases from SCRUM  team for PI (Program Increment)
  • Create integrated regression test cases & prepare test data
  • Automate & execute the integrated regression test cases
  • Ability to demonstrate testing to the Product Owner
  • Ensure that validated deliverables meet functional and design specifications and requirements.
  • Ability to perform mobile device testing including Mobile browser page render performance analysis on device
  • Early performance analysis at user story and feature level including mobile testing
  • Identify efficient and effect testing strategies for testing complex enterprise level systems including mobile devices
  • Hold and facilitate test plan/case reviews with business analysts, and development team including mobile devices
  • Develop, document, and maintain test cases, test data, automated scripts, and other test artifacts including mobile devices
  • Assist with the implementation, maintenance, and support of test tools and test environments including mobile environment.
  • Execute manual, automated, and exploratory testing of custom apps and system integrations including mobile apps.
  • Isolate, replicate, capture, analyze, and own defect correction through to resolution and validation including mobile apps.

An experience professional with demonstrating the following knowledge and skills:

  • 7+ years Experience with Automated Testing Frameworks, Test Strategies and Test Beds.
  • 5+ years Experience with Microsoft Dynamics
  • 5+ years Experience Microsoft SharePoint
  • 5+ years Experience with .Net Framework
  • 5+ years Experience with C# Development
  • 5+ years Experience with ASP.NET Web Development
  • 5+ years Experience with Software Development
  • 5+ years Experience with TDD/BDD
  • 5+ years Experience with Agile Methodologies
  • 5+ years Experience with Software Testing Methodologies
  • 3+ years Experience Leading a Software Testing Team
  • Involved in a minimum of two large scaled Agile software development projects
  • Knowledge of Testing Tools, Testing Frameworks, Continuous Integration Methodologies
  • Knowledge of Web Application Testing, Distributed System Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing, Database Testing, Mobile Testing, Security Testing, Accessibility Testing, Web Service Testing.
  • Knowledge of Virtualized Hosting Environments
  • Knowledge of .Net, SharePoint, Dynamics Web Application Hosting Environment
  • Knowledge of .Net, SharePoint, Dynamics Web Application Performance
  • Knowledge of .Net, SharePoint, Dynamics Web Application Security
  • Knowledge of Data Modeling and Database Design
  • Knowledge of Application Modeling and Design
  • Knowledge of Service Oriented Architectures
  • Experience with automated testing in enterprise system integration projects and initiatives; understanding of and experience implementing enterprise integration patterns.
  • Thorough understanding of standard QA best practices in an Agile environment including authoring test plans and test cases, executing tests and tracking issues to closure
  • Good understanding of SOA.
  • Good understanding of DevOps and setting up Continuous Integration Environments.
  • Experience in Test Driven Development and testing tools and techniques.
  • Object-Oriented design principles and design patterns

Additional Required Qualifications:

  • Has General Knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics
  • The QA(s) shall have been involved in a minimum of two Agile (SAFe) software development projects similar in scope to the Bidder's proposed solution.
  • The QA(s) shall have a minimum of three (3) years of management experience with software development and design in an agile environment.
  • BS in Computer science, engineering, or technology-related baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, or commensurate experience.
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