Test Engineer

Test Engineer

  • 6 Month
  • 30 - 40
  • 1208Days Ago
  • Telephonic

Job Description

Job Title: Test Engineer

Job Location: Mayfield, OH

Duration: 6 months

Phone Hire


Most Important:

  • Manual UAT Testing on Windows Terminal/White Block/Gray Block
  • Will need to read requirements document and test model and be able to write test script/plan from scratch and execute.  


- Automated experience (writing automated tests in Python, etc.)
- Industrial Experience (worked in aerospace, manufacturing, medical space)

seeking a Consultant Test Engineer automated and manual test case development experience to join our security verification and validation team. You will develop and enhance test cases to verify and validate the security of Automation products. These products include Programmable Logic Controllers, I/O Products, and Communication devices. You will play a key role in all phases of test case development including test architecture, test case design, test case implementation, and execution. You will also help generate best practices and work instructions to assist other teams implement and execute tests in a consistent and repeatable fashion across the organization. You will work on a team comprised of security engineers to verify and validate our product security. 

Minimum Education 
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science Electrical Engineering with a Computer Science emphasis, a technical degree with a Cyber Security emphasis, or similar degree. 

Key Qualifications 
• Test case architecture, design, development, and execution 
• Automated test case development in Python 
• Creation of engineering documents, best practices, and work instructions 

Desired Qualifications 
• Knowledge of the IEC 62443-4-1 and 62443-4-2 standards 
• Previous experience with security related testing such as vulnerability analysis and threat mitigation testing 
• Previous experience with  Automation ControlLogix Controllers 
• Previous experience with  Automation software such as FactoryTalk Security Administrator and FactoryTalk AssetCentre 
• Previous experience with  Automation firmware functional test tools


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